david brayne

Yellow Dress January 2018 1.35MB

Yellow Dress  40 x 36 cm   

pigment and acrylic on paper

Pale Morning Light 1.5MB

Low Tide December 2017 2MB

River Valley January 2018 985 KB


Small Yellow Boat December 2017 1.12MB





Four small paintings on paper completed after Christmas

Fine Blue Jacket Nov 2017. 1.8MB

Fine Blue Jacket     30 x 24 cm

pigment and acrylic on paper

Tidal Water December 2017 1.05MB

Yellow Dress Blue Jacket Jan 2018 1.6MB

Yellow Dress 17


Yellow Dress Blue Jacket

          Repainted  in December 2017



Orchard and Crows

Orchard   50 x 68 cm

red and orange iron oxides with acrylic paints on paper.

A recently rediscovered painting from about 25 years ago


Bright Net

Bright Net   60 x 78 cm

pigment, crushed oyster shell, chalk  and acrylic on paper

Web - Boat House

Boat House    90 x 110 cm

pigment and acrylic on paper


Hammock   42 x 34 cm

pigment and acrylic on paper

The Stile 20 x 32 cm

Field Gate     25 x 34 cm

pigment and acrylic on paper

Antonio and Sebastian  90 x 110 cm

Sebastian and Antonio       90 x 110 cm

pigment and acrylic on paper

Last year Sebastian and Antonio  was included in a special exhibition at The Globe Theatre celebrating Shakespeare 400

barn-ground-1-14-mb Barn  Ground      40 x 40 cm

pigment and acrylic on canvas

Blue Sail

Blue Sail      30 x 28 cm

pigment and watercolour on paper

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavid was born in 1954, studied painting at Nottingham and Gloucestershire Colleges of Art and philosophy at Exeter University.  Elected as a member of the Royal Watercolour Society in 2001 He has exhibited widely and been awarded a number of prizes including the Discerning Eye Benton Prize 2011, the Chairman’s prize 2013 and first prize in the 2004 NOA (National Open Art).

David was awarded the Turner Medal in 2015.

He lives and works in Somerset, England.

Chloris small file


pigment and acrylic on paper

Hauling Nets - detail



 A two minute film – painting in my studio



Catch     30 x 38 cm

pigment and acrylic on paper